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Fire Prevention Smart Thermal Cameras


Fire Prevention Smart Thermal Cameras

Workswell SAFETIS Indoor is a thermal camera (thermocamera) specially constructed for the fast detection of the risk of flare-up before the occurrence of fire. It is one of the components of the SAFETIS system, and as results from the name, the SAFETIS Indoor camera is designed for interier installations

The high level of IP54 coverage and mechanical strength ensure sufficient resistance of the thermal camera, which also includes within demanding outdoor conditions. The thermal camera is fully radiometric with a resolution of 336 x 256 pixels or 640 x 512 pixels and with an image frequency of 9 Hz, 30 Hz or 60 Hz.

SAFETIS Indoor as a fully radiometric thermal camera, enables, in addition to the detection of the risk of the occurrence or the presence of the fire, also with high precision to change the surface temperature  (the uncertainty of measurement is 2°C ± 2%). Information about the surface temperature is important for the evaluation of the risk of flare-up as temperature trends are the main information used to evaluate the risk of the occurrence of fire. Due to the high-temperature sensitivity, the system can record the minimum changes in the temperature. The system’s intelligence is, according to the setting of the operator and the adaptation of the system, able to prevent most false alarms.

Upon an alarm, the SMARTIS thermal camera informs the master system through one of seven digital outputs (type of open collector). Individual outputs can be assigned to various events, areas and types of alarms.

SAFETIS thermal cameras come with two temperature ranges, i.e. -25 °C to 150 °C, or -40 °C to +550 °C, with an external filter then +50 °C to 1,000 °C or +400 °C to 1,500 °C.

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