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Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoders


Absolute Linear Magnetic Encoders

POSICHRON® is an absolute, contactless and wear-free position measuring system. It is extremely rugged making it suitable even for applications where other measuring principles would fail. The availability of various constructions – rod, square profile and ultra-flat profile – means that the system can be adapted to suit all kinds of installation conditions.

The POSICHRON® linear measuring system consists of a magnetostrictive wave guide and a movable magnet for determining position. The measuring principle of POSICHRON® position sensors is based on two physical effects: the Wiedemann effect and the Villari effect.

To create the Wiedemann effect, a current impulse is sent through the POSICHRON® positional sensor’s wave guide. This current impulse generates a circular magnetic field which propagates at the speed of light around the wave guide. If this circular magnetic field makes contact with the magnetic field of the position magnet which is moved lengthways, a torsional mechanical-elastic density wave is triggered at the overlap area of the two magnetic fields as a result of magnetostriction.

The sensor head of the POSICHRON® position sensor contains a detector which detects the arrival of this wave. The magneto-elastic Villari effect is used as the method of detection. The position between the detector coil and the magnet which can be moved lengthways along the POSICHRON® sensor is determined by measuring the time difference between the electrical induction current impulse and the voltage pulse generated via the Villari effect in the detector coil (time-of-flight principle).

This time difference can be converted using various well-known methods into analog or digital output signals.

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