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Polygon Ball Guide (PBG)


Polygon Ball Guide (PBG)

Samick Polygon Ball Guide (PBG) consists of:

  1. Polygonal shaft
  2. Precision balls
  3. Retainer
  4. Outer sleeve

Variety of configurations available depending on application spec and requirements.

The polygonal shaft and inner surface of the outer sleeve virtually eliminate rotation which is required for handling moment forces.
The high ball count ensures smooth motion and high rigidity with minimal clearance.
PBG is ideal for systems transporting small, precision parts, such as: small precision measuring instruments; OA equipment; sorters for semiconductors, LED chips, or small lenses


Samick PBG delivers the following features: 

1) High precision and rigidity: Point contact between the balls and the mirror-polished polygonal shaft and inner surface of the sleeve ensures straightness, smooth motion, and essentially zero rotation. This maintains stability and accuracy by minimizing yawing, rolling, and pitching. The high ball count between the two surfaces also maintains rigidity.
2) Minimal resistance: Point contact between balls and mirror-polished surfaces results in low friction and minimal loss of rolling movement.
3) Stable and fast performance: Polygonal ball arrangement allows a preload of several μm to achieve improved rigidity and straightness. This reduces looseness and incidental vibration and shock, for stable accuracy and smooth motion.
4) Compact design: High number of small-diameter balls in a low-profile retainer keeps the OD small, the design compact, and minimizes weight.

Polygon Ball Guide - Technology.pdf


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