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TiMOTION, the Taiwanese manufacturer, is a leading provider of linear actuators in the industry. TiMOTION offers numerous advantages, particularly in the manufacturing and customization of linear motion solutions according to customer needs. The company delivers innovative products suitable for various industries, including furniture and medical equipment, aiming to provide the best solution for customers.
TiMOTION specializes in providing linear actuators tailored to customer requirements and specifications, addressing the increasing demand for such actuators, especially in applications where pneumatic and hydraulic solutions are not suitable for machine design.
TiMOTION prioritizes delivering higher quality, component matching, and competitive pricing.
For more information, please visit their manufacturer's website: TiMOTION Manufacturer's Website


Electric Linear Actuator:

TiMOTION's linear actuator is based on a lead screw mechanism and can move loads of up to 16kN at a maximum speed of 170mm/sec. The actuator can achieve high precision levels with zero backlash and is suitable for applications that require low noise levels.

Sealing Levels:

  • IP54
  • IP66
  • IP66W
  • IP69K
  • Without IP

For more information, please refer to the linear actuators catalog: TiMOTION Linear Actuators Catalog

Types of Electric Actuators:

  1. Parallel Drive Actuator:

The motor is positioned parallel to the lead screw. Typically, these actuators feature straight acme screws or tapered roller screws with a variety of reduction ratios. Parallel drive linear actuators allow for a wide range of load capacities and speeds.

For examples and links to parallel drive actuators by TiMOTION, check out: TA2P, TA16, TA29, MA2, MA5, VN1.

  1. Inline Actuator:

An inline actuator with an inline motor is an excellent solution for space constraints in terms of width. It is compact in width but has a longer closed length. Typically, an inline actuator features a planetary gearbox that drives the lead screw. In this type of actuator, the noise level is usually higher.

For examples and links to electric actuators with inline motors by TiMOTION, check out: JP3, JP4.


  1. Right-Angle or "L" Drive Actuator:

In a right-angle or "L" drive electric actuator, the motor is positioned perpendicular to the lead screw. Typically, the movement of the screw is achieved through helical gear sets. As a result, these types of actuators have higher gear ratios, but lower efficiency and higher noise levels compared to other types. A significant advantage of helical gear sets is their self-locking capability.

For examples and links to electric actuators with a 90-degree motor by TiMOTION, check out: TA23, TA31, TA37, TA43.


Lifting Columns:

TiMOTION's lifting columns are essentially telescopic actuator designed for applications such as lifting tables, surfaces, and medical beds. These columns operate with low noise and smooth movement. The telescopic actuator are well-suited for use in medical, heavy-duty, and military industries.

Most lifting columns are based on screw mechanisms and can deliver forces of up to 6,000N.

The advantages of lifting columns include:

  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and reliability
  • Flexibility in dimensions

TiMOTION offers round and square telescopic actuators with flanges at the ends and side brackets:

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