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Handling devices based on Ultrasonic Suspension Technology

Posted on October 15 2023

ZS-Handling Technologies GmbH develops, produces, and sells components and systems for industrial handling devices based on Ultrasonic Suspension Technology.

Our patented technology makes parts float and enables contactless handling of workpieces.

This technology can be applied in nearly all industries when it comes to ultra-clean handling.

With our ultrasonic bearing technology, it does not matter whether the components are large or small.

Technology of the Ultrasonic Suspension


Compressed air film with repelling forces due to cyclic compression and decompression of the gas in the gap

  • Generation of overpressure in the gap
  • Air film that does not escape
  • Gliding of the component without mechanical contact or friction problems
  • Distance correlates with load and vibration amplitude (approx. 20-150µm)

 Levitated substrate


Physical Principles – Ultrasound-/Under pressure Combination

Ultrasonic Bearing (Levitating)

  • Repelling forces operate on the bottom side of the substrate
  • Balance of forces between ultrasound and gravity
  • Usage comparable to the conventional air-bearing


Ultrasonic/vacuum combination (Top-Side-Gripp

  • Forces applied to the top side
  • Balance of forces between low pressure and ultrasound/gravity
  • Usage comparable to the top-side-gripping

Ultrasonic/vacuum combination (Attracting)

  • Forces applied to the bottom side
  • Balance of forces between ultrasound and low pressure/gravity
  • Used as a chuck (e.g. flattening of substrates)

The Advantages of ZS Technology

  • Contactless handling on processed or coated surfaces is also possible from the topside.
  • No carry-over of impurities and no air turbulences -> significantly reduced risk of contamination.
  • No compressed air generation with complex and cost-intensive air conditioning required -> reduced energy consumption.
  • No introduction of mechanical stresses into workpieces -> no micro-scratches, no micro-cracks or other workpiece damages.
  • High flatness, also on form unstable substrates.
  • High positioning accuracy.
  • Easy cleaning and practically maintenance-free -> readout and correction of operating parameters possible during operation.
  • Suitable for automation solutions and high throughput.
  • Can be operated both in air and in any ambient gas, e.g. inert gas.
  • Suitable for clean rooms (up to cleanroom class ISO 1).
  • Low life cycle costs (Total-Costs-of-Ownership [TCO]).
  • Double-sided inspection of substrates possible.


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