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Drawing generator


Drawing generator

The gear drawing software means an on-line automatic program to produce gear drawings when users input various parameters needed to define gear sizes.


It also allows downloading the produced original (custom) gear drawings in the dxf format and expands them by using CAD software. Without this kind of dedicated gear drawing software, it would be necessary, after gear sizes have been determined, to use conventional CAD software and draw the gears from scratch. Therefore, the use of this kind of gear drawing software allows large scale improvement in gear designs.

Among the parameters requiring user input are the unit to specify gear tooth such as module or diametral pitch (DP) and its value, standard cross section of the tooth, coefficient of profile shift, precision grade such as JIS, hub diameter, bore diameter and its tolerance, size of the chamfer, various sizes related to keyway, number and positions of tapped and counterbore holes,, etc.


As with the gear calculator, this gear drawing software also handles making drawing of various types of gears such as spur gears, worm gears, gear racks, bevel gears, internal gears, screw gears, etc.

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