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Automatic Precision Leveling Systems


Automatic Precision Leveling Systems

Automatic Precision Leveling Systems - Air Spring Elements

Air Spring elements provide superior low-frequency vibration isolation, even less than 1 hz. for various of applications and industries, such as:

  1. Measurement equipment
  2. Microscopes
  3. MRI Scanners
  4. Precision manufacturing equipment.

Precision Air leveling Systems of Fabreeka, PAL and RLA series, use automatic leveling air springs as isolators. These Isolators are ideally suited for conditions requiring both height control and vibration isolation.

Each isolator has an integrated level-control valve that functions as a load sensor and height control. Any number of additional slave isolators may be added to support the total device weight.

Based on the end-customer requirements, A complete air-leveling system usually consists of the following products and accessories:

  1. Control unit
  2. Automatic level control valves
  3. Pneumatic tubing and air tanks
  4. Other pneumatic components.

All the components, necessary for complete system installation, will be delivered by Fabreeka.

Furthermore, Fabreeka offers installation services at the end-customer's site.

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